Monday, September 24, 2007

IBD - Menu Bar Text Changes

After getting some feedback from users in the IB Dashboard, I realized that the links in the menu bar were never entirely clear. Part of this is due to some of the carry-over that came from IconBuffet. When I build a site, particularly one designed as an add-on to another, I find that I bring a lot of the initial concepts into my own design. It's only when I reach critical mass of the features that I find ways to convert those "carry-overs" into my own concepts. To that end, I was still holding onto the "My" text on the links for "Stats" & "Icons". No more.

So, the menu bar has decreased in horizontal space, along with changing "Account" (another carry-over) into "Profile". Let me know your thoughts, and expect many more changes & updates in the next 30 days.


terry said...

this is really quite fantastic.

Good job!

Ben said...

Thank you, Terry. I appreciate the feedback.