Monday, September 24, 2007

IBD - Set Allocation Display

Set Allocation PreviewFor the IB Dashboard, I just added the set allocation display to the "Needed Icons" page. This will help to show your monthly allocations of icon sets. It dynamically determines your VIP status, and sets the token threshold between a red or green box based on 10 or 30 tokens. At this time, I do not have it taking into account any bonus tokens for your account. That will be rolled into a future update. Until then, I apologize for any confustion.


Wile said...

Where is that exactly ??? cannot find it ... maybe I'm a little bit blind ?

Ben said...

I didn't make this particularly clear in the original message. The Allocation Display appears only when you start filling in "obtain dates" for sets in your "needed" section. If you don't fill it in, it gracefully hides, so as not to annoy the users that don't have a need for the feature.

I hope that clears things up a bit.