Tuesday, October 16, 2007

IBD - New Updates & Things in Progress

Toolbar Login

So with the idea of making the system a bit more streamlined & removing unnecessary overhead, the Login form has been integrated with the navigation toolbar. Hopefully, this should make the system a bit easier to use, and less of a hassle.

Dynamic Icon List SortFrom several user requests, dynamic sorting has been added to the Received & Needed Icon List pages. Now, you will be able to sort the lists according to your desires to see your information easier. And not stopping there, a "select all/select none" checkbox has been added to the table header to assist in moving sets from Needed to Received. With my initial testing, I know that this has saved me tons of energy in clicking checkboxes. May it save you from carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

Icon List ExportLastly, I added the ability to export a current icon list from the Dashboard into Excel format. The layout of the list is a mockup of the text version that debbye is using in her Complete Icon Lists thread. However, I fully expect to modify this functionality into several report formats to give all of you more control over your own data, as well as the data within the Dashboard.

Things in Progress:
  • Calendar integration for easier date selection.
  • Enhanced database & system security.
  • Friend & delivery tracking.
  • Help/FAQ page.
  • Enhanced set & family metrics for inquiring minds.

Stay tuned, and as always, let me know of any possible improvements!

1 comment:

misterhaan said...

i’ve been enjoying the fact that the integrated login saves me a click every time i come back — haven’t tried the sorting yet but i’m sure i will!