Thursday, October 18, 2007

IBD - Profile Offsets

Profile OffsetsAs many of you are aware, there's a calculation error within IB that occurred during some of the site slowdowns. Basically, some of the delivered sets by users were delivered & the stamps weren't reduced, or in other cases, deliveries were able to be received twice by the recipients. Please understand that the situation is rare & somewhat isolated. Mostly, the users that have larger point totals & are more active on the site have experienced this issue.

Well, I'm here today to announce that the Dashboard will now handle calculation offsets to help correct your points or stamps totals. Just go into your Profile page, and you can then enter an offset value to bring your totals in line with those on IB.


Mr Dee said...

FYI if these values are left blank the token calculation (and therefore total points calculation) is unable to complete.
if you set these values to 0 (zero) then the calculation starts working again :)

Ben said...

Yeah. Apparently the code change that I made earlier today didn't resolve this issue, so I just pulled the database down & updated all users with empty values to zero. This issue should now be resolved, but if anything else should rear it's head, please let me know. Thank you.

Austin*Girl said...

Hey, ben, I just sent you an email re: Offsets? I figured it out. I should have looked here, first. Thanks!

Gus said...

I guess I'm not understanding this. I don't know what my offset would need to be. I just put my total stamps and total tokens in, and now your system says I have a -26 in outstanding stamps. What am I not getting?