Monday, October 01, 2007

IBD - Received Families Stats

Received Families StatsAnother update for today is the addition of more links & data in the Families Received section of your stats. As previously requested, I have added the total number of family sets after the number that you have received, and there are now 3 links across each line of the table.
  • The first now links to the sets you need to complete a family collection,
  • the second links to the received sets that you have collected for that family,
  • and the third shows you all available sets for that family (in list view).

This is just another added feature to add more flexibility & dynamics to the Dashboard. Enjoy!


Mr Dee said...

elegant solution - well done.

Mr Dee said...

Icons without families are turning up in strange places. Swine Time is turning up in Poughkeepsie, Sushinobi in New York.
Do We Need an 'Orphan' family.

Maybe the Pumpkin/Turkey/Snow Icons belong to a Seasonal family.

Ben said...

Actually, those family associations are pulled from the tags associated to each set. For example, Sushinobi is part of the "new+york" tag (see the listing with the release details & such in the right column). And if you look at the whole New York tag, you can see the resemblance between the sets. So at this point, the families are correct.

And it remains to be seen if the Turkey/Snow icons belong to a family as yet. The chefs might update that at a future date, but there hasn't been any indication yet.

I hope that answers your questions, but feel free to send me more if they come up. I appreciate it!