Monday, November 12, 2007

IBD - Recent Updates & Enhancements

WARNING: Longer post due to multiple updates from recent weeks.
In the last week or two, many things have been updated, some minor & others with greater potential.

Stats Header LinksFor starters, based on upon a user request, I added links to a few of the headers in the Stats page giving a bit more direction to some of the profile entry sections.

Stats Header LinksBased on another user request, I simplified the sorting options on the Icon List pages. By combining them into the header of the table only, I think it makes the interface more intuitive & less cluttered. An additional link to the master icon page also seemed like an easy way to add cross-reference capabilities.

Main Page StatsAdded some additional basic stats to the front page of the Dashboard showing total number of icons, as well as total number of users. I figured it was a nice way to keep the pulse of the system visible, and in the next week or two, I plan on adding some additional reference information there.

Set Edit Calendar
Calendar WidgetThe long standing bug of Safari users getting the "lcid_control.asp" error has been resolved with the helpful efforts of soprano, and to help alleviate any additional date entry issues, I have incorporated a calendar window. And before anyone across the pond in the UK, Europe, or even our friends in Australia get up in arms, I have set the default date format to "yyyy/mm/dd". However, I am also working on the beginning day of the week to match with your local language settings. Please be patient.

IB Profile AvatarLast, but certainly not least is a very new feature utilizing screen scraping of profile avatars from IB. Mostly, I wanted to put this feature in place to help identify users with the (currently in progress) Friends & Deliveries portion of the Dashboard. But to get it working, I figured it would be a nice addition to each user's profile page, but ONLY if the user has their IB profile URL filled in. If not, it just shows the default "grey man" known throughout IB for new users.

This is a fledgling feature, and as several users have noted in the last day, some errors have been identified & squished. Please be patient as this is perfected, but also understand that this is NOT an attempt at tying IB & the Dashboard together. While many of you might like that ability, it would ultimately be more trouble than it's worth at this time, particularly since the simplicity of the application is part of its charm, at least in my mind. Feel free to persuade me otherwise if desired.

Some of the more minor updates to the system are:
  • Gold Crown Badge Activated in Stats
  • LCID Language Issue Resolved for Safari Browsers
  • Corrected Extra Token Calculation for 60K+
  • Tokyo Hygiene Hijinx Involving Bad Database Update by Yours Truly
  • Enhanced Database & System Security

Some of the things that are still under development, but haven't been forgotten or overlooked are:
  • Friend & Delivery Tracking
  • FAQ/Help Page
  • Enhanced Set & Family Metrics for Inquiring Minds (Graphs & Charts & Metrics, Oh My)
  • Hash Password Storage
  • User Password Reset Capabilities

Whew! I think that covers it for now, but as always, stay tuned for more.