Monday, January 28, 2008

IBD - Updates, Updates & More Updates

I know it has been over 2 months since the last update, but rest assured that I've been hard at work getting more features integrated into the Dashboard. Below is a comprehensive list, and over the next week or two, many of these features will be addressed in detail.

The biggest piece of news is the recent integration of Friends & Delivery Tracking. Please understand that this feature is very new & equally rough. I thought it was more important to get this feature into the capable hands of the Dashboard users, and then based on feedback & input from all of you, enhancements could follow. So please be sure to leave a comment, send an e-mail, or even post a message inside my box at IconBuffet.

Now on with the list of updates...

  • New Set Highlight Color Within 5 Days
  • Friends Integration
  • Delivery Tracking
  • Added Snow Family Per Chef Information
  • Moved Entire Domain & Site to New Hosting Provider; Encountered Few Hiccups
  • Updated "Obtain Date" on Needed Set Details through December 2008
  • Added Token Averages to Full Family Listing Page
  • Fixed Initial Sorts on Received Icons Page

In Progress:
  • Reworking Calculation Engine for All User Stats (Required for Future Enhancements)
  • Badge List "Obtain" Indicator - Tied to Calculation Engine Upgrades


misterhaan said...

i tried entering some deliveries and the recipient column is always blank. i'm filling it in on the add delivery page though.

for the friend list, i think it would be useful to have a link to their profile, and if i don't know their refill day or tokens then maybe the column should be blank instead of saying 0.

Ben said...

@misterhaan: Thank you on the error. I've fixed it, and it was something I didn't clean up once the code went "live". Should be fixed & working much better.

I'll look into adding a link to a user's profile, once I determine the best placement.

And I've fixed the refill day to show a blank if it equals 0, but for the tokens, I just assume that anyone added defaults to 10 for a standard user. I thought if you knew their score & if that qualifies them for more tokens, you could fill it in.

Let me know any additional thoughts, and thank you for taking the time to provide your input!


misterhaan said...

i’ve successfully added my history of deliveries now (83 of them).

how about the grey person icon next to friends / deliveries links to the user’s profile? it would be like the icon pages then.

are you planning to allow pulling in avatars for friends like you can do for yourself on the profile page? then you should be able to show it for deliveries that were sent to friends too.

it might also be useful to be able to mark friends as chefs or vips, though i suppose if they are vip you know they get at least 30 tokens.

for deliveries, i’d like to see the icon for the sets included with the set name. also marking deliveries as rejected / expired — i see 4 statuses for deliveries: accepted, rejected, expired, or outstanding. of course it’s a little difficult to tell rejected from expired sometimes. it might also be nice to have a date the delivery was accepted / rejected / expired.

there’s some more input, and thanks for providing such a useful (or at least entertaining) tool!

misterhaan said...

i just noticed that if i edit a delivery that was previously marked as accepted, the form comes up with accepted not checked.

Ben said...

Thank you for finding the "accepted" bug. I just fixed it, and in the next hour, I'll be working on adding the 4 statuses per your last suggestion. We'll see how that turns out.

Keep up the great testing, and once again, thank you!

G~ said...

hey ben... what happens when you mark a set as "wanted" besides it becoming highlighted in pink?

do other IB Dash users see it? if so, where?

just curious. i'd also like to know what the delivery group is???



Ben said...


I'm sorry for the delay. I had drafted a response to the automatic comment e-mail I received, realized I couldn't respond that way & meant to copy it here... where I promptly got sidetracked. Again, I apologize.


First, when you mark a set as "wanted" it automatically sorts to the top of the entire listing, or to the top of the indicated "receive month" if you're using that feature. And as you already noted, it highlights in pink as well. Currently, it is NOT visible to other Dashboard users, although I've had some thoughts regarding a "wish list" or other things for future enhancements. If you have additional thoughts on this concept, I welcome your ideas.

Lastly, the delivery group is a new field that I've added in the last week or two. In IB, based on the delivery group that you're in determines which sets you're given for free from the Chefs. For instance, I'm in Delivery Group 1 (North), so whenever a set in the North group is released, I receive it from the Chefs. All users in IB fall into this "grouping", and you can determine which you're in by corresponding your free delivery e-mails against the direction of the Icon Set Listing. If you have questions on this, you can also read the blog by mik

I hope that answers your questions, and feel free to send more when or if you have them.

neologix said...

can't access contact page (404 error) to inform abt this problem, so i'm leaving it in the most recent post. i can't access ib dashboard. i get the following error:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e37'

Invalid object name 'tblMessage'.

/iconbuffet/includes/function.asp, line 136

jjmcgaffey said...

Minor point - wasn't Stick Figures released _8_/29/08, not 9?

Ben said...

You are quite correct, and I've now fixed the date accordingly.